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Can you imagine a world without poverty? How about a world where power lies with common people instead of politicians or CEOs? There’s a revolution coming to Mars, and it’s up to you to create a new society unlike anything on Earth. Design your economy and government, build your colony, and experience your choices firsthand by living as a colonist. Be wary though, if your society fails to take care of everyone's needs there may be a second revolution brewing....

Design dozens of different alternative societies!

Mix and match different rule sets that dramatically change how life in your colony feels. After making your decisions (such as who can control resources, how colonists receive income, and who has decision making power), you'll see the impact they have on everyone.

Build an entire colony from scratch!

Turn an empty Martian desert into a paradise rich with vegetation! The natural resources you place determine what products can be made, and allow you to construct buildings with a futuristic aesthetic.

Create unique characters that shape the colony’s outcome.

Will your colonists act selfishly or selflessly? What passions do they have in life? Do they even want to work? The personality traits you pick will lead to all kinds of interesting situations.

Take part in a fully simulated economy.

Will your economy embody competition and greed, or cooperation and solidarity? The system’s rules determine the actions you can perform, and prices are entirely generated based on the circumstances.

Compare your societies by achieving awe-inspiring goals.

Eliminate poverty and unemployment, create an economy that’s automated by machines, or simply sit back and see where the wind takes you. Each society has different pros and cons, so each goal’s difficulty will change based on your design.



Monetizing Videos

Content creators have permission to monetize videos that feature Dissent on Mars content.

Platforms and Release Dates

Steam - 2024


Michael Hicks - Design, programming, music, writing, and character animation.

Gonçalo Antunes - Art and animation.

Copyright © MichaelArts